Mohamed Hashem interview long but worthwhile

Today we went to interview Mohamed Hashem. He lives not far from our new office and after a short walk and a few misdirections we arrived at there home in Al Qadima. A quiet'sh suburb on Alsayeda Albahareya Street which leads up towards Moqahtam and further onto Giza.

On arrival we were met by Mohamed's youngest son Rami, who had set everything up for us, and offered the usual shayee before Mohamed came out to meet us. After a quick change from gallabaya and dressing gown into a suit and collared shirt we were ready to go.

First question ready... and it was time for Friday prayers. Which means loud speakers turned to eleven calling out to everyone in the neighborhood to come to the mosque. As this came to an end we prepared ourselves again. First question ready... and it was time for the sermon, or the islamic equivalent. However Mohamed wasn't having a bar of it and off he went talking about everything from the history of the Khiamiah, his apprenticeship, how printed fabrics are taking over, the revolution and more. Till as he spoke his last word it all stopped. Quiet. Perfect for an interview.

Thankfully when asked if we could do the interview again he adjusted his suite sat upright and off he went again. So in the end all was not lost and we had developed another great relationship in the street, one which ties to one of the oldest families in the Khiamiah and holds some of the best stories.