Amazing reactions to the Tentmakers work at L'Aguille en Fete

So we are now into the last day of L'Aguille en Fete and our second last day in Paris. The reception to the work of the Tentmakers of Cairo has been extraordinary with thousands of people stopping over the four days to take in this amazing art work.

Hany has been smiling for four days and each day learning a few more French phrases to entertain and please the French crowd. He has stitched with members of the European Quilting Championships team, has been asked a thousand questions and posed for more photos than we can count. 

However the biggest reaction has been towards the work itself with plenty a "magnifique!" uttered upon entry to the Tentmakers of Cairo exhibition. People are just amazed and the level of detail and the use of colours. 

From the filming side of things we most probably had enough footage on the first day however we have shot a little more each day and have found choice moments that will really show the reception to the work and interest in the lives of these men.

However we still need to get to the end of our supporter campaign and are now on the home run with only 40% of our goal still to reach. If we do not reach our goal pledges will be returned. So if you could please help in getting the word out and letting those who want to pledge, but haven't yet, know that they are running out of time.

Thank you so much for your support and we are really looking forward to making a great film about this uniquely Egyptian culture.