This great film will happen because of you!

Amazing. The Tentmakers of Chareh El Khiamiah is officially going to happen!

What an awesome three weeks! The textile, quilting and independent doco community is a strong and powerful thing. We are overwhelmed, but not surprised. We knew that if this film was going to get made it had to have a committed audience. What we have just achieved has shown us exactly that, we have people who are committed to this film and who want to see it.

We are so appreciative of your support, thank you so much! This is going to be a great film, a great experience, and we will pay back your generosity by making sure we create something special.

Where to now?

This means we have enough funds to travel to the places we intend to travel to. Our goal of $20,000 was always meant to kick us into the next stage of production whilst simultaneously completing the first.

This $ 20,000 is going to allow us to travel to the USA to see just how much attention Hosam and Tarek will receive as they arrive in Lancaster and Paducah in March and April, only weeks away. It will also allow us to start translating and transcribing the many hours of footage already filmed. It is our plan to combine this support with personal investment and other potential sources as well.

At this time, we have 6 days to go in fundraising on Pozible (we seriously thought we would be begging for support on the last day). We have met our goal and that is so great. However, exceeding the goal means, with every dollar, the film will get so much better.

$ 20,000 is a small budget for a feature film project - of course we have plans to add to this via other sources.

But with every donation or DVD pre-ordered through Pozible, our film gets stronger, our argument to further funding sources gets stronger and this project continues to grow.

So, to every one still considering a pre-ordered DVD, T-Shirt or a donation, rest assured that your support is going to go towards making this a really great film.

And to all of our supporters: This film is going to happen because of you!

I, we, are seriously overwhelmed but your generosity and am truly looking forward to the shaking all of your hands, or a kiss on the cheek if you so desire, should I ever get the opportunity.

Yours very sincerely.

Kim Beamish


The Tentmakers of Chareh EL Khiamiah