Keeping the Khiamiah art alive at DARB1718

A few weeks ago I went to DARB 1718, a creative space in Fustat Village in Old Cairo, to watch a workshop being held teaching the art of the Khiamiah.

DARBworkshop2013-01 copy.JPG

What was at first unusual was that this was a class of all women being taught by Sabah Salem, also a woman. Only unusual because of the fact that the street is all men and the work in Chareh El Khiamiah is an almost exclusively male affair.


So it was great to see these Egyptian women getting into the art form. When asked why? They all felt that the art of the Khiamiah was dying and that they all wanted to have something to do with keeping the art alive.


Sabah Salem is a textiles artist and you can see some of her work on her facebook page, SabahSalemArt , and as I found out later Sabah is keen to publish a book on the history and art of the Khiamiah. Due to my bad arabic and her lack of confidence with english we have put off a longer conversation about the Khiamiah until I can get Ahmed or someone else to help me translate.

I went back a week or so later to film the workshop which may become a part of the film.