Part II: Toronto tells us how to make a film.

So from Paducah, Kentucky it was on to Toronto, Canada with a brief stop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Originally I had planned Paducah to be the final piece in the puzzle and had thought that I would wrap filming and head to Nashville for a week of music and celebration. However the closer I got to Paducah the more I realised that the film was far from finished and the complexity of issues, characters and events would see me filming for a while longer. So a week in Nashville was achieved in one night as we took in the Ryman Theatre and the ‘Band of Horses’.

The reason for Toronto was because of the Hotdocs International Documentary Festival and Market, one of the biggest and most important documentary conferences in the world. Full of filmmakers, producers, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters, you name it they were there.

I turned up to HotDocs with no real intention of pitching the film or finding a distributor I was more there to take it all in and to learn from some of the people that were there and who were pitching and selling.

After four days of films, sessions and networking I had come out of the conference enthused and inspired and ready to take the film to the next level. I met with other producers and filmmakers also filming in Cairo as well as finding out that there really is interest in the film from distributors and broadcasters even at this early stage.

I have returned to Cairo and to the film with a lot more focus and intent and have a managed to clear my mind and a path, which will only make this film so much better.

So stay tuned for more updates and information about how we are progressing.

Also a big thanks to the Mancinni's for helping me find some accommodation whilst I was in Toronto and to Ellie and Sarah for providing such a comfy room and couch.