We are getting very close now.

I apologies about the delay between posts however I can say that there has been a lot achieved since the last time we spoke.

Whilst my initial thoughts of a large international team working together to create this very Egyptian story never eventuated, obviously with the exception of all of you who truly are the international team behind this Egyptian story, I have in fact become the quintessential one man band.

I have raised and am raising the funds to produce this film, I have run an online retail store, fought with mailing systems and monetary systems. I have filmed over 200 hours of footage over the past two and half years, I have worked moulded and bent this footage into a rough cut of just over two and half hours and I will in the next few weeks have cut a 90 minute story which will not only tell the story of a few of the tentmakers but also offer a glimpse into what the past three years in Egypt have been like.

This link, The Tentmakers Teaser, will take you to a 4 minute video which will give you a glimpse of what the final film is to be. My hope is that it will then only be a matter of months before it is available to play in festivals and cinemas world wide. A recent trip to France speaking with international broadcasters and distributors has raised some eyebrows and inshallah will become something more than just glances.

I have to thank everyone of you for your assistance as you truly are the reason this film has been made. You truly are the funds behind the film, the believers in the project. You are the reason this film will be made.

Please share this teaser with those who may not know about the film, or those who may be interested and please keep an eye on your email and on our website www.tentmakersofcairo.com for more information about the film and opportunities for further support.

I cannot thank you all enough, things have not gone the way I had initially thought and yet the way they have gone has only made for a much stronger, real and honest film.

Thank you once again and you will be hearing from me again very soon.


Kim Beamish
The Tentmakers of Chareh el Khiamiah