Egyptian Imports: A Celebration of Appliquéd Canvases and Papyrus Art Traditions


From time to time, some of you (“pleasantly plump” ladies) may have announced that you could not attend an event that required special clothing because the legendary “Omar the Tentmaker has retired!” While that may be true, there are still many other Tentmakers who continue to ply their needles and their trade of making canvases that become parts of tents or tourist souvenirs. Their workplace? Why, the Shari Khayyamiyia, “Street of the Tentmakers,” in Cairo, Egypt! In the not too distant past, thousands of men were engaged in this artistic pursuit. More recently, far fewer artisans work at this occupation. If you go to Cairo as a tourist, you will not be directed to their location inasmuch as the tentmakers refuse to pay for potential customers to be directed to their street