Photographic Exhibiton at The World Heritage Site Visitor Centre: Tentmakers of Islamic Cario


The Italian photographer, Massimiliano Fusari, noted for his work on Middle Eastern themes, recently spent several months in the Tentmakers Suq (bazaar) in Cairo. He has produced a vivid and sensitive photographic record of the daily work and physical environment of the tentmakers. Arresting images capture the tentmakers at work as stitchers and sellers, the medieval street on which they work and its larger changing neighbourhood, and the uses of the textiles in Cairene life. Massimiliano Fusari is a photojournalist and multimedia consultant currently working as a Research Associate at Durham University. He has a background of more than 20 years as a researcher and practitioner in the theory and practice of photography and multimedia communication, with expertise on the Muslim world. His PhD research focuses on how to prioritise distinct media platforms to reach diverse audiences and maximise public impact in multi-cultural communication. ‘Massimedia’ ( is his laboratory, providing media consultancy on photojournalism and multi-audience projects. 

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