'Vine' is a social media app that lets you make unedited, six-second, looping videos on your iPhone. The six-second time limit is pretty confining, but we think we can give you a glimpse of events in and around Chareh El Khiamiah.

On the way back with Ahmed in a Cairo Taxi.

Jenny and Bonnie selecting work from Fatooh for AQS.

Hosam working on repairs of a Khiamiah jacket for Jenny Bowker.

Jenny Bowker showing some of the old style Khiamiah to Rami and Mohamed.

Busy at work in a Khiamiah workshop.

Watching Khiamiah in 1950'sh Egyptian film 'Call of the Lovers' whilst siting in Chareh El Khiamiah.

Laying a new design in the workshop

My walk to work this morning.

Ahmed Ekramy helping me film today in the workshop.

Come take a look at the work of the Tentmakers of Cairo.