Routine, routine, routine. I have to establish a routine if I am going to get this done., Routine, Routine

I sat here in an almost panic this morning as I started to get ready for what I am hoping will be a very productive couple of weeks. The past several weeks and months have been disturbed by visits and trips, none of which I disliked or regret having happened. I mean who could be unhappy with family travel and time away from the kids in Paris?

The only issue is a break in what was already a very loose routine.

I now have two weeks until again we will travel and again any routine is broken.

I have now set goals, a way of motivating me to achieve small steps towards the bigger outcome. I also have a date to work towards where there needs to be something on the table, watchable, understandable and working.

A deadline is the best thing I can have and the scariest thought.