Day Two, Calamari and Chips

Routine day two.

Well two days in is no real indication of a routine however I feel that there have been some achievements.

Now looking at a new editing package, or re-starting with a new editing package? Whatever.

Starting to sort out footage and get it in some kind of order where I will then be able to start working on it. I also need to get a lot of translation done so sorting it out and working out what is the most important is probably the most important part right now.

Have put aside the script for now as there have been new developments in the street. With Tarek opening his own shop and the impact that will have on the street but also on the Fatooh store as it has hit hard his leaving.

Again sorting out and ordering the many, many hours of footage I have shot is only going to help in the scripting and in working out what is left to shoot.

Feeling a bit calmer today, especially after having just found the Greek Club by the Nile for a quiet calamari and chips. Can see this place becoming a bit of a regular.

 Calamari and Chips at the Greek Club, Cairo

Calamari and Chips at the Greek Club, Cairo