Sick little boy and opportunities.

And the wheels fell off.

Woke up this morning to a sick son who would not get out of bed, or would but would just fall asleep again wherever he was. Which for a teenager might be normal but a 2 year old, not.

So a day at home and momentum on the work front is brought to a halt. My thoughts instantly go to how can I use this day productively?

 Die empty, Tell me something & Ken Burns

Die empty, Tell me something & Ken Burns

I can write, and will do. I can read and a book mentioned by Pam Holland on Facebook grabbed my attention so I downloaded it, 'Die empty, unleash your best work every Day' by Todd Henry. I also just received 'Tell me something' a KickStarter project I supported and I now have a great looking read with advice from around fifty documentary filmmakers.

I could watch a documentary and try and deconstruct how it was put together, just so happens I have recently downloaded Ken Burn's 'Prohibition' documentaries, they alone would take up a whole day. Maybe I'll start with just one.

I have already updated a few links on the website. Always looking for more articles, blogs, posts and pictures out there on the information super highway to add to the site.

There is plenty I can do and Inshallah it will only add to what I still have to achieve in the studio on my return.