White boards, who's, wheres, whys, whats and an annoying fly.

Today started with a reboot of the footage as I had tried to be to smart for my own good. 

Whilst copying files from one place to another and in the process lost the links to them all. No major problem just time I could have spent doing other things.

Never the less I have used the time to fill up a white board with my needs and wants, story lines and the 5 Ws, one of which is a H. It has been quite rewarding and I think may have broken through some stumbling blocks I had in the story.

 The white board is my friend.

The white board is my friend.

I still need to get a move on in regards to footage and definitely need to make a move on more translation. My biggest issue here is cost and so I have launched a short fundraiser on Facebook which may or may not be successful but if it is should be able to pay for several hours worth of translation.

In regards to annoyances there is a fly that has been hassling me for hours. In my ears, on my neck, flew straight in my eye and one stage and even now has managed to land on the screen exactly where I am typing. Alas I am not at home and the chemical weapons I save for times like this have been boxed and cupboarded. Which is nothing like taking them out to sea but they are at least out of reach. Fly you are lucky.

So far a good day and lets hope for more as I also need to put together a presentation for the Cairo Women's Association next week. Most of it is here just needs to be put in some kind of order.