Star Wars and the tentmakers.

Bizarrely enough I am mixing my thoughts between Start Wars and the tentmakers today as I try and structure the tentmakers story.

Star Wars is a pretty basic, however, exceptionally well told story. Using all the arc type characters and a three act plot. I am trying to build the same kind of storyline from the footage that I have shot of the guys in the street.

Star Wars quilt with R2D2

Star Wars quilt with R2D2

I am looking for the Skywalker, Lailla, Obi Wan and Han Solo along with Darth and the empire. I have surprised myself at the characters I have found, I might even cast myself as a bit of a Chewbaka in the whole thing.

The three act structure seems to work well in its initial Act 1 with its ordinary world and the call to action. It is just as I get further down the track and start looking for the ordeal, the transformation and resolution that I start to wander.

I think tonight I may have to sit down to another viewing of Star Wars just to see whom I am able to cast in each role.

Tarek's opening the new shop has thrown a pidgin amongst the cats in regard to my story. I had not initially had such a major role for this storyline. Now I am left questioning just how much I need to include as well as how much time I will need in the street filming before the end of the year.

I am still fighting with software but I resigned myself to the fact that this was always going to be an issue so it doesn't bother me too much.