Giddy up cowboy lets wrangle some data.

Whilst I continue on developing the story I have also been data wrangling and trying to get everything in order.

As I started trying to edit a few weeks back I realised that despite the fact that everything was kinda working when I get further down the track and I have to show this to someone who actually needs to find things in some kind of ordered way everything is just going to fall apart.

 It's a RAID. If these go bust I'm a gonner.

It's a RAID. If these go bust I'm a gonner.

So the last few weeks of this year whilst also trying to get the story developed and have a better idea of exactly how I want to edit this film. Along with what is left to film. I will also be moving massive files between drives and sorting out file structures and naming conventions always with a blind panic in my heart that when I delete something I may have deleted the most important file of all accidentally.

I am doing backups on backups and even maintaining a haphazard drive of sorts that remains in my first save, its saved file structure. Inshallah there are no files destroyed that I should have.

Thankfully I have also come across a few articles on the web about how similar things have happened to others which makes me a little less nervous until I read how they also lost files.

Added to this has been a bit of swapping around between FCP 7 and FCP X, two non-linear editing systems or one that was reborn. I was using FCP X when I was working at ANU and was reasonably happy with it despite everyones rage and concerns. Then I went back to FCP 7 as I thought I would find an editor to work with and that editor would only have or work with FCP 7. I have since not found an editor and have decided to jump back where I was feeling comfortable.

The jump has been a success of sorts in that I find that it is so much easier to sort footage in FCP X than it ever was in FCP 7 and lord only knows that I have a bit of footage.